Sunday Homestead Update – New Additions!


I noticed we are headed for an interesting point with our blog stats very soon – we are very close to both 100 followers and 1,000 comments.  Pretty cool!  Thanks for all your comments and interest in our blog.

Eve Is Brooding!


She has 6 of our selected breeding eggs under her from Boaz bred to Ruth and the 4 young hens from last summer’s high altitude hatching eggs incubation.  She is brooding in the new “Mama Hen Pen” that husband built in the barn this week.  That pen is going to be the maternity ward for the chicken breeding program.  It is set up to be able to hold 4 broodies at once and is ideal and safe for chicks as they hatch and while they are young.  Hopefully we will continue to have broody hens and the Mama Hen Pen will get a lot of use!

Look at my new toy!

We were gifted a fun new “toy” to help us with the meat and veggies that we freeze from our farm and from hunting:

photo 5 photo 4We have never really looked into one of these machines, but after we were gifted it and read the box it looks like it will be very useful for us.  We butcher all our own meat and package it and freeze it, so this should help make that process go smoother as well as keep the meat fresher, longer.  Do any of you have any experience with one of these?

Sheep Farm Fun

We spent half a day at the sheep farm where we buy our sheep.  There were SO many lambs running everywhere, which was so fun since we wont have any lambs this year.  They had 120 lambs born, and there were still about 20 ewes still to lamb.  There were weanlings all the way to newborns.  The kids were thrilled to get to play with the lambs and bottle feed some.  The downfall was that the weather was miserable so we weren’t able to stay outside in it for long.  But we managed to enjoy ourselves anyway.

Husband was also able to show her his braided wool rugs and discuss a potential business deal between the two of them to sell the rugs.

3 1

And lastly, and most exciting, is our two new additions to the farm!

9 10

Meet Duncan and Daphne! Daphne is a ewe lamb (in the tan jacket) and Duncan a ram lamb (in the grey jacket).  They are CVM x Wensleydale cross breeds.  As you can see by the wide eyes, they are a bit skittish since they just came from a huge flock, but we will work with them in the next weeks to friendly them like we did with Stella and Fiona.  Duncan is destined for the freezer, and Daphne is an addition to our wool/breeding ewe flock.  They are 10 week old weanlings.  So technically we doubled our flock size this week.  🙂  Except that Duncan is a temporary addition.  But for the next several months, our flock will contain 4 sheep.

Stella and Fiona acted like the two lambs have lived here the whole time.  The flocking instinct of sheep never ceases to amaze me.  I’m sure the fact that they are young helps too because they are no threat to the head ewe of the flock.  But all the other animals I have dealt with have a much harder time integrating together with new additions than sheep do.

5 6 7 8



3 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update – New Additions!

  1. With the Food Saver, make sure you get as much blood out of the meat as you can before trying to seal it or it will get sucked up in the way of the seal and that is such a pain. Also don’t try to skimp on the plastic to try to make it go further. Use the recommended amount or there can be sealing issues.


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