Lock Down of Hatch #2 of 2014

It is now day 19 of the second hatch of 2014.  We candled eggs, increased humidity, stopped the turners, and went into “lock-down” mode yesterday.  Now we anxiously await the hatch starting this weekend.

We are already seeing some significant differences in the two incubators we are comparing to each other this round.  I will do a complete review and comparison of the two bators in another post after the hatch is done and all the results are in.  But for now, I will share that one incubator had a very much higher incidence of early death in the eggs than the other one.  We define early deaths as death in egg before day 18 lock down.

So, we started the incubation with 52 eggs, 45 of those eggs were fertile, there were 23 fertile eggs in one incubator and 22 in the other.  At lockdown we have 38 eggs total.  21 in one bator and 17 in the other.  So we had 16% early deaths on the total amount.  That is split as 23% early death in one incubator and 9% in the other.  That is a pretty significant difference.  After the hatch when we do eggtopsies, we might find that we missed a few early deaths and those numbers might shift a bit.  But it sure does seem like one bator is outperforming the other.

We are hopeful this will be a good, successful hatch.  Just when we think we know what we are doing and have a good hatch, then we have a not-so-good one.  It is an art/science we are still trying to learn and perfect.  Ultimately, we would like to just leave all the hatching to the experts – the hens.  But until that is a possibility for us, we will continue to try to get as good at incubating as we can.

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