Fiber Focus February/March

I completed my Fiber Focus projects for February!

There were two knitting projects, since they were each half-finished when I started the Fiber Focus.

First, I finished my son’s birthday socks (he is turning 11).

These were a basic sock pattern, using K3P1 ribbing for the cuff.  I knit them 2-at-a-time on 2 circular needles.  The yarn was Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight in color Forest Green Heather.  I used size 5 needles to give a denser fabric to the socks.  The gauge was 6 sts per inch and I did 36 sts per round.  This should give a sock that will “hug” his foot pretty firmly.  I am trying out different socks with him to find out what exactly he likes in a sock.

100_0897 100_0898

Second, I finished my daughter’s birthday socks (she is turning 7).

These were made with the pattern called “Chevron Lace Socks” from Ann Budd.  I knit them on DPNs.  The yarn was Patons Stretch Socks Yarn in color Plum.  I used the size child med.  Last time I did this pattern the cuff was too tight and had no elasticity at all.  Which is why I chose to use the stretch yarn for it.  I knit the cuff in size 5 needles and then switched to size 3 needles for the foot to help with that issue as well.  I am happy with the results and the cuff is no longer too tight.  It is hard to tell, because of the pattern of the yarn, but one stripe of the chevron pattern continues down the side of the foot.

photo 1

I reinforced both pairs afterwards by stitching through the purl bumps on the inside of both the heels and the balls of the underside of the foot.

Now, on to the spinning!

I finished spinning the 4 oz of roving I had that was a Merino/Angora mix.  I LOVE it.  It is super cushy, and so very soft.  It also had a pretty shimmery sheen to it, and a nice halo/bloom of the Angora around it.  I ended up with 142.5 yds of 2-ply worsted weight (I’m guessing on the weight) yarn.  I took a pic with and without a flash because each one shows different aspects of the yarn.  Neither looks exactly like it.  I have issues photographing yarn.

photo 4 photo 3

I am not sure exactly what this yarn is going to be, but I am pretty sure whatever it turns into I will be making for myself because I really love this yarn.

I did not complete any other extra projects this month, but I did get going on a couple and also planned some others.


For March my knitting focus will be the scarf made with my homespun hand-dyed BFL from last November.  I barely started the scarf back in December and haven’t touched it since.  I am making this scarf for my best friend who is moving away to an even colder climate soon.

My spinning focus will be the naturally white Lincoln Longwool roving my husband bought me back in November.  This fiber has a very long staple length, and is pretty rough (not at all soft and fluffy like the Merino was).  It will be a complete 180 change for my spinning skills, which is why I am doing it.  I want to try something very different and this is as different as it gets in my stash right now.

4 thoughts on “Fiber Focus February/March

  1. Nice work! Your merino/angora yarn is gorgeous and looks so soft. I made my merino/angora into an infinity scarf for myself, and I love it… especially because I can easily pull it close to my face when I want the extra warmth. 🙂


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