Fiber Focus

Knitting has long been my favorite heritage art.  I love the process and the results.  It is soothing, renewing, and relaxing for me.  I also love its portability.

Spinning is now fast becoming another favorite heritage art for me.  Not as portable – but enjoying it as much as knitting.

The “tyranny of the urgent” often has me busy with anything and everything, leaving little time for my favorite two ways to spend free time.  But these things renew me and rejuvenate me.  They give me back spent “points” from my day.  Because of this, I would really like to make time more often to do these things.  To focus some specific time on an enjoyable task that leaves me happier and more able to face all the other tasks.

So I am initiating what I am calling my Fiber Focus for each month.  My goal is to complete one knitting project and one spinning project each month.  I know this might seem like not much – especially to those avid knitters and spinners out there.  But for me it will  actually be quite a reach for me to hope to accomplish this.

My Fiber Focus for February is to finish the two-at-a-time cuff-down on circulars wool socks I am making for my son, as well as the second sock on dpns I am making for my daughter.  Since I am halfway through each project I figured two would count as one for this month. 100_0876


And for spinning I want to finish spinning the merino/angora mix I have been working on.


I will let you know how I did at the end of the month, and tell you next month’s projects!

12 thoughts on “Fiber Focus

  1. That’s a great goal! I’ve finished my first pair of socks and now I’m working on my second pair. I would love to try knitting two socks together at the same time, like you are. Is there a particular pattern that you use?


    • Honestly, now that I have learned two-at-a-time and have good circulars that don’t fight me I don’t think I will ever go back to one at a time on dpns. I will be doing a post on that subject soon. You can do any pattern for the sock once you know the method. The book I used to learn this method is “Knitting Circles Around Socks” by Antje Gillingham.


  2. I don’t knit (crochet) so I have yet to tackle socks. I made about 8 pairs of mitten for Christmas gifts and haven’t been able to make anything since. I have four giant garbage bags of raw Icelandic wool from my sheep in the garage that is begging to have something done with it.


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