Record Breaking Morning

This morning we broke our record for coldest temperatures during morning milking in the 20 months we have had the farm and a milk cow.  (Even though we sold the cow, we still have her until Sunday).

It was -22F (without windchill)!

The milk that splashed up onto the handle, upper edge, and lid of the bucket froze before it even left the barn.  We have never had that happen before.

Our previous low at milking was -18F (without windchill).  We have had temperatures as low as -32F with windchill included.

Our high temp today was 2F.

All the animals stayed closed into their stalls and coops today, with extra bedding and warm water delivered three times a day.  We have tank heaters for the sheep and cows but they only keep the water temp just barely above freezing and animals drink a lot less when that is the case.  I wouldn’t want a glass of 35 degree water when it was -22 out!  We hot mashed all the chickens too.  Everyone seems to be tolerating it well.  It is only supposed to last a few days – I hope they are right.

Hopefully this cold snap wont effect egg laying too much as we are hoping to collect for incubation #2 starting this weekend.

I must admit…homesteading isn’t much fun when it is this cold.

5 thoughts on “Record Breaking Morning

  1. Hope that the cold spell doesn’t cause your chickens to go off laying. We are in the mist of I think the same cold spell here in Montana. We won’t be above zero until Friday. Hopefully the cold spells we have the rest of the winter won’t last this long or be quite this bitter.


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