Sunday Homestead Update – Winter Break

All is well at Willow Creek Farm.  The animals are doing well, the hatching eggs are coming along, and we are tucked nicely in the cozy house while snow falls outside….well kind of.  Inside, yes we are.  Cozy, well it is warm in here, but cozy is me by the fire knitting and sipping hot tea, and that is not happening.  What IS happening is a lot of banging, crashing, dust, and loud power equipment noises.  Yup, we have started the complete demolition and remodel of the farm kitchen!

It is very exciting, but at the same time very time-consuming, and messy.  Not to mention the lack of kitchen makes eating an interesting feat.  My husband will be doing all the work on his own (with us, his construction crew, and occasionally a friend) on nights and weekends after working to build other people’s homes all day.  You can imagine that this will be a busy and exhausting few months.  Being that it is our kitchen, a necessary room, it is important to not only plan the steps carefully so we can use it in between, but also to just hurry up and get it done as quickly as possible.  As quickly as possible is very interesting when you can only work on it on evenings and weekends.  Add to that the fact that this is no small remodel.  We are taking out an entire wall (a load-bearing wall, so we must put in a beam and posts to bear the load with the wall gone), tearing out all the cabinets, countertop, and appliances (the old appliances will be put back in, no new appliances for now), building and installing new cabinets, countertop, and backsplash (husband will build all the cabinets himself), and doing new wood flooring in not only the kitchen, but also the diningroom, school room, front enterance, and the stairs, as well as new banisters on the stairs.  We expect the entire process to take through January and February, but the main part should be done by the end of January hopefully.

But the results will be amazing and I can’t wait!  I spend most of my life seeing the amazing remodels my husband does for others as his work.  It is so wonderfully satisfying when he gets to do a remodel on our own house.  He is truly talented and I am so blessed by it.

So, while the dust is flying and the saws are running and such around the farm kitchen, I will be taking a break from blogging.  Our lives are going to be full to the brim and the computer is not going to be a place I can park myself for a while.  I expect to be back to normal posting by early February.

I plan to do a couple of updates along the way, and I will for sure let you know when the hatch happens and how that goes.  And if anything of interest to this homesteading blog comes up during the month I will post it too.

And, of course, once the new farm kitchen is done I will for sure give you all a good long tour of it.

So, have a great January, and I’ll let you know when these chicks start breaking out into the world.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update – Winter Break

  1. How exciting! I don’t envy you in the construction process, but a new kitchen! Designed and built by you will be wonderful! Pictures please….before and after if possible. Stay warm. Patti


  2. Exciting days. We have done similar things in our house over the last year and a half since we moved it. I find that I have to be flexible, because things keep changing! Good luck with the process!


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