Fuzz on the Farm

We have some majorly adorable baby animals on the farm right now.  I just had to share the cuteness.

Last weekend we ended up with two orphaned 3-week-old kittens whose owners had to leave because of flood damage.  We also have the mama cat temporarily, but her milk dried up right before they came to live with us, and she rejected the kittens because of it.  So we are bottle feeding the two kittens.  We are planning to keep the dark one, who we have named Nickolas, and have found a future family for the one with white markings.

They can crawl around, still a little bit on their bellies, not totally up on their legs.  They are so fun!




As you can see, the Brinsea Brooder is coming in handy for more than just raising chicks. We are using it to keep the kittens warm in the mud room. But we will stop using it as soon as they are big enough to climb up and chew on the cord. But for now, it is perfect.


Nickolas is super cuddly. He is a snuggle bug.

  4 9


And, as promised earlier, I have photos of Maple’s litter of four bunnies.





4 thoughts on “Fuzz on the Farm

  1. Ooohhh, so lucky!!! kittens are the best! And thanks for posting the bunny photos as well… they were well worth the wait! Cute, cute, cute!!! 🙂 Makes me want one even more. Ah sigh… someday, I hope.


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