Look Who’s Home!


Violet and Ferdinand are home now!!!  And boy oh boy has he grown!  He looks like a little bull instead of a calf.


Let me remind you what he looked like before they left:


Hard to believe he has changed so much in two months.  But he has.

We are so happy to have them back and are looking forward to having fresh milk tomorrow!!!


6 thoughts on “Look Who’s Home!

    • We milk once a day, and the calf is with her the rest of the day and nurses whenever he wants to during that time with her. That way, we don’t have to milk twice a day.
      Having a fresh (milking) dairy cow is a huge commitment. Much bigger of a commitment than any of the other animals we have. But we love it, and we love the fresh milk, and it is worth it for us. I talked about this commitment in a post back in March 2013 https://willowcreekfarm.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/the-cow-commitment/.
      We leave our calves on our dairy cows so that we only have to milk once a day, and in an emergency we can just leave the calf on and not have to milk. I talk about how we manage our calves in this post from Feb 2013: https://willowcreekfarm.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/managing-a-dairy-cow-with-the-calf-on/

      We love having our dairy cow, and during the evacuation, while the cows were gone, it even more so made us realize how much we love the fresh milk and the cow interaction. So for us, the commitment is totally worth it.


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