Snow and Good News

It is snowing.  Normally, the first snow is good news, for me anyway.  I love snow.  But when you are fighting against the clock to get infrastructure at least somewhat stable before winter hits, snow is a bit of bad news.  However, it is barely snowing, barely any accumulation, and not much more expected.  AND it is a month later than normal for the first snow.  So it is good.  And thanks to the good news below, I am actually enjoying watching the snow fall.

Now, on to the good news!

Yesterday we got a hold of the propane company and they said they would drive in on the questionable and narrow, but safe, road access we now have (they filled in some holes last week with gravel and dirt making it safer, but still very narrow and usually blocked by machines working on the utilities) to bring us in propane.  We talked to the guys in the machines and they said they would let the propane truck through, no problem.  The propane company said the soonest they could get it to us would be Thursday.  With the weather forecast we were a bit worried, but knew that if we had to we could go ahead and turn the heat on for a little while to keep the pipes from freezing and not run out of propane before Thursday.  The only worry was if they came on Thursday but couldn’t actually get in for some reason.

This morning I got a call from the water department.  They said that there would be a guy at our house this morning to hook us into the temporary water line!  I was so excited.  He arrived, and began working on flushing the system and testing the water and stuff (they had to mass-chlorinate the main lines because of the potential for bacteria that backed up into the pipes during the flood, and they don’t want the mass chlorination in the water that is actually in our home).

Then, while he was working, I got a call.  It was the propane truck driver saying he was at the barrier down the road and wanted to know how he was supposed to get in.  I explained to him how to get in and within about 10 minutes he was carefully working his way up our driveway (the driveway still needs a lot of work on it).  I was again, SO excited!

It was shocking to have it all happening so quickly and out of the blue!  I was expecting the propane Thursday and had no idea when water would be back because they had said it would be last Friday but then ran into some hold-ups.  Such great surprises!

So, less than 30 minutes later, our propane tank was full and we had running water from the main line!!!

We are very happy with this wonderful progress in the flood recovery!  The kids are so excited to get to take baths today, instead of the fast showers they have been doing for the last month.  And now we don’t have to worry about the pipes freezing.

Sewer should be next, and then better road access.  Movin’ on up!

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