Crochet Dish Scrubbies & a Giveaway!

We have begun work on our Christmas Homestead Baskets.  My youngest daughter decided she would do the dish scrubbies for the basket and I will do something else.  Yes, they are that easy, even a 6-year-old can successfully do them.  In fact, she did a few of the ones that will be in the photos in this post.  So if you are into, or even interested in, crochet, then you definitely need to try out making dish scrubbies, because they are fast, easy, and very useful.

I first found out about them about a year ago on a plane.  I sat next to a woman and I worked on some knitting.  She told me about how she made dish scrubbies for her whole family for Christmas each year and that they looked forward to getting their new ones each year.  I looked them up online and found a pattern, but I couldn’t find a local store that carried the netting.

That’s when I found The Tulle Shed online.  They carry a ton of different colors of netting spools, tulle spools, and cotton yarn.  I was SO excited when I noticed they had starter kits too.  I thought a starter kit would be the best way to get myself going, so I purchased their Deluxe Crochet Scrubbie Kit.  It contained 2 spools of netting, one cut in half (making 1 1/2 inch strips) and one full (making 3 inch strips), a ball of coordinating yarn, a crochet hook, yarn needles, a netting spool holder, and three different scrubbie patterns.

2It turned out that it was the perfect way to get started and it got me fully addicted to scrubbie making.  They are so fast and easy.  I love to be done with a project quickly so I can see the finished product.

So we decided my daughter would make scrubbies for the Homestead Baskets and we went online to pick what colors we wanted to do.  I like to make them with netting, which is the traditional way most people do it, but I also like to make them with tulle.  The tulle is obviously less scrubby, but I find it gives a finer scrubbing too, and is a bit gentler, in a good way.  So I use scrubbies made from both (not on the same scrubbie) on different things.  I also enjoy crocheting with the tulle better because it is gentler on my hands as I work.

So we picked two different colors of yarn, one that coordinates with a netting, and one that coordinates with two different colors of tulle for our baskets.


41We make ours circles, though I have tried a rectangle pattern before.  We also make ours with one side cotton, one side scrubbie, though I have made them before where they were totally scrubbie no cotton.  I like to try out a bunch of different things and decide what I prefer.

So we make one circle of each – yarn and netting.  I will share the basics of how we make ours, but without specific numbers since I didn’t make this pattern myself.

We start by making a chain and hooking it into a circle.



Next we chain 3 (counts as first dc) and then we double crochet all around.



Then we do that again for another round around the circle.



This is my favorite size, with the two rows of dc.  But sometimes we make them with a third row of dc.  We leave a long tail on the cotton for sewing together.


Then we sew the two pieces together.  Sometimes we use a whip-stitch, sometimes a running stitch.  I think I prefer the running stitch.



And ta-da!  You have a scrubbie.  It takes less than 30 minutes once you get the hang of it.





Now for the fun part!  I have a give-away for you all!

First I want to be sure to say that The Tulle Shed did not give me anything or ask me to do this blog post.  I contacted them because I loved their starter kit so much and asked if they would donate a starter kit for me to giveaway on my blog.  And they did.  I wanted to tell you all about their store simply because I was very happy with their product and customer service and wanted to share that.  They had nothing to do with it except agreeing to donate the starter kit when asked.

So, who wants to have their own Deluxe Crochet Scrubbie Starter Kit?  Below is the picture of what I will be giving away from The Tulle Shed.  It includes two spools of netting (one cut, one not), one ball of cotton yarn, a crochet hook, yarn needles, and 3 patterns for making scrubbies.

2I love the colors that she chose to send for this kit!

If you want to win this starter kit just leave a comment below.  In your comment tell me about what your experience is with crochet (this wont effect the results, it is just to give you something to comment about).  Anyone, anywhere can enter.  This drawing will be open until midnight on Thursday, September 19th.  Friday, September 20th, we will randomly draw a name and announce the winner.


UPDATE: Due to the flooding in Colorado, and our homestead evacuation, this giveaway was canceled.  It has been reposted again here.

8 thoughts on “Crochet Dish Scrubbies & a Giveaway!

  1. I’d love the kit but I’m in Australia so I’m pretty sure I don’t qualify. But that doesn’t stop me from telling you my crochet experience. It means a lot to me even though I haven’t carried it forward (much).

    A very dear friend of mine was a great knitter. I had never knitted at all (she blamed my mother and grandmother – it’s apparently their duty 🙂 ) So she offered to give me lessons. I used to cycle over to her house for my lesson, then go home and practice. I felt a total failure because my first “square” turned out plain old awful. But she encouraged me, said I was her best ever student (she was teaching her 7 yo granddaughter at the same time) and I persevered. I loved it.

    My first knitting project with her was a tea cozy. To finish it off, she had me crochet some adorable flowers. So my knitting lessons morphed into crochet lessons. I loved those flowers and when I knitted myself some slippers, I crocheted 2 flowers for them. I’ve also made a cluster of those crocheted flowers as a door protector.

    I may not be a mad keen crocheter (yet) but I love what I’ve done, and I especially love remembering the woman who taught me. 1 year later I moved away and 6 months after that she died on the operating table having a heart valve replaced. I can’t pick up a crochet hook now without remembering her.


  2. What a great idea! I’d love a kit but I’m also in Australia! I haven’t crocheted since I was a child, but I recently started knitting again. I think I’ll have another go at crocheting too; both of those activities remind me of my Grandmother (she taught me), and I find it very therapeutic. Well done with the scrubbies! They look great!


  3. I actually have one of these dish scrubbies that someone gave me as a gift a couple years ago (I wash it periodically in the dishwasher and it comes out like new!!) Anyhow I recently just started crocheting and made a scarf. I picked it up so fast that I figured this would be the next thing I would try to make. The kit looks great and fun 🙂 So exciting for the drawing on Friday! Good Luck Everyone!!!


      • Thank you! I am so sorry to hear about all the flooding and the damage it has caused.
        Good Luck to you and your family. I hope everything goes back to normal real soon 🙂


  4. Your daughter is very talented–her scrubbies are so pretty!

    I never learned to crochet, but always wanted to make scrubbies. Thanks for the link to The Tulle Shed (who knew scrubbie kits existed?!?) and please thank your daughter for the inspiration!


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