Tattler Reusable Canning Lid – 3 Month Update

It has been 3 months since I canned my BBQ Sauce and Ketchup using the reusable lids for the first time.  I am happy to report that all 11 jars that are left are still securely sealed!

In the last few weeks I have been able to do more canning with the lids I just purchased.  I also did my first pressure canning with the reusable lids.  They worked great!  I pressure canned 4 quarts of chicken stock.  All sealed with no problems.  I am planning to start canning my beef stock soon and that will mean more use of the pressure canner with the new lids in the weeks to come.

I have also water-bath canned 17 quarts of tomatoes (so far – still more to go) and I only had 1 seal failure in all those.

So I am still very happy with my reusable canning lids and love using them knowing I will be able to use them all over again without having to buy any more!

2 thoughts on “Tattler Reusable Canning Lid – 3 Month Update

  1. One of the few times I can remember really talking to my mother was the times she spent in the kitchen canning. If I close my eyes I can tell you what it smelled like and absolutely every detail. I hope you have someone who wants to share it with you.


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