More Hatching, and Mal-Positioned Chicks

We still just have two chicks out, but they are doing well.  We have 5 other eggs with external pips now too.  One looks like it is starting to unzip.  I am hoping to get a picture of unzipping and kicking out so I can have photos of the whole process from pip, to unzip, to kick out.  But both these last chicks unzipped and kicked out when we weren’t around.  Darn that sleep necessity!

I apologize for the quality of the photos, we are taking these through the incubator lid so as not to cool or dehumidify the incubator at all.

The first chick has the coloring of barred rock chicks, it is a black body, with yellow chest, wing tips, and a light dot on it’s head.  The second chick is solid black.  Here is the second chick a little while after hatching:

6 12Of the 5 externally pipped eggs that we have right now, 2 are pipped on the wrong end of the egg.  The chicks are mal-positioned inside the egg.  This makes me very nervous since almost all the chicks that died in the last two failed hatches were mal-positioned.  The good news is that they DID get an external pip accomplished despite being on the wrong end, so maybe they can make it out.

Here is the first one.  As you can see where my pencil lines are drawn is the air cell inside the egg.  The chick should pip within those lines (or very near them since the air cell continues to grow after I draw the lines).  This chick pipped way down the side.

10This next one is even farther down the side, nearing the tip.  It is at a bad angle for photos in the incubator, so I took two to try to make it so you could see how low down the egg the pip is.  It is on the top right edge of the first photo, you can see a bump in the smoothness of the egg.

9Bottom right of this photo. 8The wait continues, and the excitement mounts as we watch our hatch progress!

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