July is the time of year for collecting wild medicinal herbs on our property up here in the mountains.  The past couple of weeks the kids and I have been doing just that.

The plants that grow naturally here that we collect are mullein, dandelion leaf, red clover, yarrow, and plantain.  We wait until the dew has dried in the morning, but before the major heat of the day hits.  We are careful to only take what we need (or less) and leave plenty so it will keep coming up year after year.  After we gather the herbs we hang them to dry.


Then, we crush them up and store them in jars in a cool, dark cabinet.


It feels great to know we have the dried herbs we need to get through another winter!

One thought on “Foraging

  1. Someone popped by our farm today and asked if he could, at some time in the future (he was too busy today) go into our orchard and collect wild herbs. Hubby told him yes. If I’d been there I’d have said “yes, on the condition you teach me what’s good eating”. He supposed to call before he comes for a forage, I’ll put the hard word on him then. I want to do just what you’ve done here – food without having to plant and tend it! Very impressive.


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