What is the New Adventure?

Our newest adventure wont be starting for several weeks, but I couldn’t just leave you hanging until then since I couldn’t resist mentioning it in the hay post. So here are some pictures of what we will be adding to the farm soon:





 We are so excited! We plan to have 1 or 2 ewes. We are still contemplating whether a ewe will be content enough to be friends with a cow or whether she really needs another ewe friend – the breeder says try just one, if she doesn’t settle then add another – seems like good advice. We will use the ewe(s) for fleece, and we will also breed them and the lambs will be raised for meat and/or sold. We have found a breeder and are working with her to choose just the right addition for our farm.

My husband has wanted to raise sheep for a long time, so we are all looking forward to this new adventure!

7 thoughts on “What is the New Adventure?

  1. That’s wonderful, best of luck when the new additions arrive. 🙂 New adventures are always so fun..so full of learning, but fun. 🙂 Plus lambs are stupidly adorable. (And tasty, perhaps unfortunately, too.) 🙂


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