Lock Down!

Our incubator is officially on lock-down now.  It is day 18 for all the eggs (except the surprise egg, which is 20 days).  So we disabled the egg turner and have increased the humidity and now we leave it shut and don’t mess with the eggs at all.

I candled the eggs right before lock-down and we lost another of the shipped Dark Brahma eggs.  😦  That leaves us with 3 alive out of 7 of the shipped eggs.  Not good stats at all.  I am not sold on the idea of shipping hatching eggs at all.  So we now have a total of 5 eggs left.  I SO hope they all hatch!  There are 3 Dark Brahmas, 1 of our friends’ eggs, and the surprise Salt egg.  Salt’s egg should be hatching tomorrow!!!  I am so excited and check the incubator often looking for the pip (the first step in hatching).

Since we have plenty of space in the incubator (because we put so few eggs in there), I made little paper towel gunk-catchers to put under the eggs for hatching.  I saw this online, and when you have enough space to do it, it is supposed to help with clean-up after hatching.  So those are the little white things each egg is sitting on in the picture.


Hopefully, my next post will be about the surprise egg hatching!!!

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