Attempting to Save the Egg

Today is day 18 for our Surprise Egg from our hen Salt. Eggs incubate for approximately 21 days. From days 1-17 you keep the temperature and humidity the same and the eggs are turned at least three times a day. When you get to day 18, however, you are supposed to stop turning the eggs and increase the humidity a bunch, but keep the same temperature.

Since the rest of the eggs are only on day 16, we cannot increase the humidity and stop turning them for fear of losing them all. Our incubator automatically rolls our eggs from side to side by a frame that rotates. You must have enough eggs to fill the triangle you are using in order for the eggs to get turned sufficiently. Here is a picture of our incubator when we first set it up so you can understand what I am talking about (the one white egg was a test egg, that is why it is in a triangle by itself:


So my plan was to put the surprise egg over in its own triangle, hoping it wouldn’t get turned sufficiently. It didn’t work. I have an “x” on that egg and have checked on it all morning and have seen it get turned. So I came up with another plan:

103_0209I put it in a little box, with some tp around it to hold it steady. This way the box will get pushed along with the turner but the egg wont get turned over.

As far as humidity, I am keeping it at the high end of normal for days 1-17 and hoping it will be high enough for the surprise egg to hatch. The good news is that the others are only two days behind, so I will be increasing the humidity on Saturday, which should be before the surprise egg starts to actually hatch. Maybe that will be good enough to save it?

Since this is our first time incubating and I don’t know enough to know how important the humidity and not turning are to the survival. I am guessing they are at least somewhat important or the instructions wouldn’t say to do it. It probably increases hatchability quite a bit. But whether or not it will effect this surprise egg, I just don’t know. I candled it today and it is alive and well as of right now.

So I guess all we can do now is wait and hope.

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