Hay Loft

With the first cutting coming in in the next few weeks it was necessary for us to focus some major energy on getting the hay loft built.  We have to put up hay for an entire year since we don’t have pasture and the prices are just too high to buy it throughout the year.  Last year all the hay was in the second stall area, but now Charlie is taking up over half of that area so we wont be able to fit all the hay we need there anymore.  Time for the loft.

It is actually going to be two separate lofts on each end of the barn.  One over each stall.  If that isn’t enough space then we will also build one across the dairy parlor (in the center of the barn).  But we would prefer to leave the dairy parlor open all the way up.  It feels more spacious, bright, and open.

So my husband has started with the side over Charlotte’s stall.

103_0178This weekend he hopes to finish the side over Charlie’s stall.  Then, when we get our hay, we will see how much we can cram into that space.  Hopefully even more than we have estimated!

2 thoughts on “Hay Loft

    • It is because packed in there the bale wouldn’t get any air and dry out. Therefore it would start composting (breaking down causing heat to be put off). That heat could start the dry hay around it on fire. I remember as a kid my friend’s shed burnt down because the compost pile was against it and started it on fire.


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