DIY Feed Scoops

Last year, when we first got started at the farm, we only had the one cow. I bought a bright pink feed scoop to make it easier to give her grain. A few months later, as we added more and more animals, and thus more and more bins of feed, I realized that we were going to need many scoops, and I wasn’t too keen on how expensive that was going to be.

One day, while I was working in the kitchen, I used up the last of a gallon of white vinegar and an idea hit me. I could cut this container into a perfect feed scoop! I did and have been doing that with all sorts of containers over time. We have several different sizes and they work so great for all our different animals and feeds. Plus, if they break or get lost somehow, it is not big deal, we just make another one. I now save all jugs of this type so that when we need them they are available to make more scoops.

So quick, easy, and frugal!

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5 thoughts on “DIY Feed Scoops

  1. Thank you for reducing your carbon footprint by repurposing, recycling when possible, and extending the life of materials. I know how much work a farm is and somethimes the storebought scoop seems to make solid short term economic sense, I also know that there are more butterflys in my garden as the result of the efforts of a lot of people who thought of better answers…Thank you, and thank you for passing your idea on to others.


  2. Those look like they work great for larger animals. I haven’t bought any feed scoops either for my small animals. For the chickens I use an old planter pot that has holes too small for the feed to fall out the bottom to transport it to their trough, and a soup can for their corn. For the rabbits I use a tuna can for the inside rabbits, and a raised plastic lid that was once the top for something that wandered off at some point for the outdoor rabbits. And I transport their water in heavy duty plastic gallon bottles that were once orange juice jugs. I like being able to repurpose things and not just chuck them in the recycle bin.


  3. We do the same. Overtime one of our scoops got floppy but it is pretty darned easy to replace. We use the same jugs, hung upside down with the cap at the bottom, for water and feed holders for our chickens. We don’t buy milk in these jugs normally, but when we need a “tool” we certainly can.


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