Mozzarella Mystery

I have been making mozzarella cheese almost every week since the cow came fresh in early November.  I found a recipe that worked for us and we enjoyed the fresh cheese each week.

Then, in early March, I made the cheese and it came out with hard yellowish areas throughout.  It was strange.  I went over the recipe and checked and I had done everything like I always did.  The next week I made it again and again it did the same thing.  Even the areas in between the yellow were tough and inedible (although the chickens thought it was great).  The third week I made it again and that time it turned out fine, but then the next two weeks in a row the same yucky thing happened and ruined the cheese.  I could not figure out what was going on.  I hadn’t changed anything I was doing, and it had worked well for so long before this happened.

I was totally frustrated and discouraged and had wasted 8 gallons of milk.  So I decided I needed a break from mozz making.  I had no desire to try something that sometimes worked out and sometimes wasted a bunch of time and a bunch of milk.  So I didn’t even attempt it for weeks, and we bought our mozz at the store.

But earlier this week I started having an itch to try again.  I wanted the taste of the fresh homemade mozz.  But I still was unwilling to risk the 2 gallons of milk on the fact that I still had no clue what had caused the mishaps.  So I started seeking another mozz recipe and found one I was willing to try on the “Homestead Blessings: The Are of Dairy Delights” DVDHere’s an excerpt from that DVD.   We have several of the Homestead Blessings DVDs and really enjoy them.

So I tried their recipe and it turned out amazing.  The texture and flavor are excellent.  We have been enjoying eating it with tomatoes, and on our homemade pizza.

So I was unable to solve the mozzarella mystery, but at least I found an alternative.

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