Garden Update

We made great progress on the garden last week and weekend, and we planted on Saturday!!!  It felt so good to have a garden again, the break last season was really weird since we have had a garden for the last 7 years before that.

Here is a list of what we planted in the last few days and how many we planted:

  • 812 Garden Peas of two varieties, Dual and Dakota
  • 40 Sweet Snap Peas of two varieties, Mammoth Melting Sugar and Sugar Ann Snap
  • 90 Turnips, Purple-Top White Globe
  • 8 Lettuce, Matina Sweet (will be succession planting and using 3 other varieties)
  • 9 Spinach, Gigante Inverno (will be succession planting and using 1 other variety)
  • 23 Garlic (will do more soon)
  • Onions (didn’t count, and not sure about the variety, it was a storage variety)
  • Strawberries, 6 Alexandria and 10 Fort Laramie

My chive and parsley seedlings that were started indoors were supposed to go out as well, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I know it sounds silly but I have had such horrible results with starting seeds indoors.  They always die, and if they survive they die when I put them out.  This time I have had excellent success getting them going inside, and I am just not ready for them to die yet.  I have hardened them off for 10 days now, and they are enjoying their time outside and not wilting or anything.  But I am just timid about it.  We are supposed to have our coldest night this week is supposed to be Tuesday, so I think I will bite the bullet so to speak and put them out in the garden for good on Wednesday.  Then just hope it works!  If it does this will open up a whole new aspect of gardening to us.  We’ve never had south-facing windows or a way to successfully start seeds indoors.  Now we do.

This next coming weekend we will be putting in a bunch more seeds, it will be fun!

4 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Wow. Again, wow!

    Please tell my your hubby is back to full health and he didn’t help you with this with one arm tied behind his back (which is a metaphor – but a pretty apt one in the circumstances).


    • My husband’s shoulder is up to about 80% of what it was before the accident. The terracing, building of the beds, and hauling of the dirt was done by my husband (as much as he could), myself, our kids, and our renter (a young man). The planting was all done by the kids and I.
      At this point there are only a few certain movements and activities that hurt his shoulder. Digging is one of them, which made the terracing tricky. He is able to most things now though.


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