Candling Eggs

Our incubating is moving along.  We candled the eggs today, at day 5 (day 7 for the surprise eggs), to check for fertility.  We tried to take some photos, they turned out pretty bad, especially compared to some I have seen online.  But I will share a few anyway.

103_0150This first pic is an infertile egg.  You can see a lot of light, and the yolk.  You can also see an air sac on the wide end of the egg, but it isn’t showing well in this pic.


103_0146 103_0151These two are fertile.  In real life (or in a good pic) you see the dark spot, as well as veins coming out of the dark spot.  You can also see that much more of the egg is dark.  And on the bottom pic you can clearly see the air sac at the top of the egg in the pic (that is its wide end where the light is coming through brightly).

I am hoping to get better pics of the next candling.  We will see.  Maybe our camera isn’t high tech enough to deal with the lack of light and inability to focus properly because of it.

If you are interested in seeing some very good pictures of candled eggs go to this link.

So what did we find?

Of the 7 Brahma hatching eggs that I purchased from a breeder 5 are fertile and currently alive and growing.  That’s 71%.  Not that great of a percentage if they were coming from our back yard, but maybe not bad for shipped eggs?  I don’t know much about statistics on shipped eggs.  Also, I know Brahma roosters are more laid back and docile, maybe that is a good percentage for a Brahma rooster.

Of our friends’ 5 eggs, 1 is fertile.  This was expected since they have 1 roo covering 20 hens.  Plus their hens are not laying well since the bear attack.  So that is 20%.  Really bad percentage, but expected.  There is a green egg in their mix that is really hard to see through, it might be fertile too, we wont know until it grows some more.

Of the 6 supposedly infertile eggs put in there from our hen, 2 were fertile.  That’s excellent considering she wasn’t with an adult roo for 16 days and she was with a young, supposedly immature cockerel – and especially good since we thought NONE of the eggs could possibly be fertile.  However, one of the eggs had an air sac on the side instead of the end.  We noted that on Friday when we candled and found the surprise.  Well today that chick was dead.  There was a blood ring, so we culled that egg.

So that gives us 7 live and growing chicks in the bator right now!  5 Dark Brahmas, 1 cross from our friends’ flock, and 1 surprise egg from our hen, Salt.  Fun, Fun!

We are leaving the infertiles in the bator for now, since we are new to candling I don’t want to throw out anything that we might be wrong about.  I feel like we should know pretty confidently when we candle Tuesday at day 7 (day 9 for the one surprise egg left), but we will probably still wait until day 14 to remove any, just in case.  By day 14 we will know FOR SURE.

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