Faster Than I Thought!

In my last post I was talking about the garden construction coming along slowly but surely, and then over the weekend we made excellent progress and it all seems to be completing faster than I thought it would!  It looks like we will have no problems beginning to plant this coming weekend.  In addition, we have come up with a plan that will mean that I will be able to plant the entire garden this year!  I have planned out where everything is being planted so that the things that don’t go into the ground until June 16th or later are going to be put in the beds that aren’t built yet.  That gives us over a month to complete the rest of the terracing and build the last beds.

I had said that I was accepting the fact that my garden wouldn’t be completed this year and that I would only be planting about 3/4 of it, but that is no longer true with the new plan.  Yay!

So this weekend we completed building the raised beds that we can build at this time, we began filling and preparing the beds, and we put weed cloth in most of the walkways and began moving some pea gravel into the walkways.  By the end of the week we need to finish securing the fence and finish filling the beds for planting.  I also plan to continue to get the walkways covered with weed cloth and then filled with pea gravel, though that isn’t necessary to get done before planting (obviously).

Here is what the garden was looking like at the end of my last post:


This year we are trying out some new things we haven’t done before for filling our raised beds.  We are first putting down 2-3 inches of straw, and then filling the rest of the box with a topsoil/compost mix.  I hope this gives us a good base for our plants to thrive in.



I am very encouraged and excited by the progress.  The whole family worked very hard to make this happen and we managed to enjoy ourselves while we were doing it too.  🙂  We will continue to work on it this week after we finish school each day and should be ready to plant as planned.  What a blessing!

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