One Year

This last week marked an important milestone for us, we have lived on the new farm for one year now.

It is hard to believe.  Time goes so fast when you are having fun.  The place is somewhat unrecognizable compared to when we bought it.  A year ago it was a piece of mountain property with a neglected house and garage on it.  The changes in a year are amazing.

There is now a large barn with an attached coop, housing a cow and calf, rabbits, chickens, cats, and a dog.  There is a fenced barnyard for the cows and dog (and in the future the chickens).  There is a fenced yard with a playhouse and a play set for the children.  There is a free-standing coop and chicken pen with hens and a rooster in it.  There is a large garden in the process of being constructed.  The garage has been converted into a nice workshop.  The house has had many improvements made to it and is looking less and less neglected.

But more-so than the physical changes on the property there is the fact that it is our dream, we are living our dream.  We have been planning, and preparing, and praying, and waiting for this for so long.  This is what we wanted.  This is how we wanted to live and how we wanted to raise our kids.  And here we are….living it…for a year now.  It’s sometimes unbelievable to me.

Yesterday afternoon we were all together in the barn.  My husband had acquired some old cabinets from a kitchen remodel he is doing and we were installing them in the barn and organizing the barn supplies into them.  The kids were playing in the haystack, petting and carrying around the cats, holding bunnies, scratching the cow’s itchy spots while she ate, cuddling with the barn dog, and helping us as we worked.  It was wonderful.  I stopped what I was doing to just look around the barn and soak it all in.  Oh how blessed we are!

It’s been a lot of hard work, and we still have a lot of hard work ahead of us, but it is oh. so. worth. it.

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