Trading in My Knitting Needles for Crochet Hooks

I have known how to do both knitting and crochet for a long time, but I definitely prefer knitting.  Most of my yarn projects are knit.  But sometimes crochet is the way to go and works out better and faster.  I prefer crochet for all my kitchen sponges and scrubbies.  And now I am starting a very special project that requires crochet.

For my entire life there has been a specific afghan that has always been in my grandmother’s livingroom.  I found out that this afghan was actually made by her mother, my great-grandmother, and spent a long time in her livingroom as well before my grandmother inherited it.  My mom remembers it back as far as she can remember in her childhood.  So I am guessing this afghan was made between 1920-1940.  It is amazing to me that an afghan could survive that long.  But it is true.  It is made of wool, and I am guessing it was made from scraps left over after knitting wool socks for the family.  I think my great-grandmother made the granny squares as she ended balls of yarn and didn’t have enough left for another project and then over time collected enough to put them together into an afghan.

nana nana2

After my grandmother passed earlier this year, I saw that afghan and realized how much it reminded me of her and all the great memories with her.  It was always there, in the livingroom.

Recently, I decided that I wanted to make a similar one for us to have in our livingroom to remind me of my grandma.  I have decided to make it from washable wool for convenience and less itch-factor.  And the color scheme will be a bit different.  But I think the key is for it to have the scrappy, multi-colored granny squares with the black borders hooking them all together.  And I think no matter what color, if I do that, it will feel like Nana’s and remind me of her.

So I have started the major job of making hundreds of little granny squares.  They each measure about 2 1/2 inches square.  I’m teaching the kids how to make them too, so we can all have a part in making this special family heirloom.

3 thoughts on “Trading in My Knitting Needles for Crochet Hooks

  1. A few years ago I was at a used book sale and found a book on making granny squares. I was thrilled. When a friend of mine at the sale saw the book she offered to show me how to make them. It was great. I haven’t undertaken a huge project like yours yet, but hopefully someday…


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