After the Storm

This morning dawned bright and blue-skyed. The contrast of the very-white snow against the very-blue sky is breath-taking.

103_0086Yesterday it felt like we were living in a black-and-white photograph, everything was so monochromatic.  But today splashes of blue, brown and green are everywhere, along with the bright, clean, pure white snow.  So beautiful.

103_0087103_0089We ended up having about 18 inches of very wet snow fall in about 24 hours.  The weight of the snow caused power lines to break all over town.  Half the town was without power for hours and hours.  Our power was out for 22 hours.

We are blessed to have two wood-burning stoves.  So we were able to keep warm, cook food, and heat water for washing dishes.  Our basement does not have any source of heat besides electric, so we used a propane heater periodically for short periods of time to keep the pipes from freezing down there.

Our son has a large aquarium in our livingroom that is full of tropical fresh-water fish.  They need heat and aeration.  Every hour or so we went over and splashed the water around to add some air.  Every few hours as we saw the water temperature drop we would take out some water and add warm water heated over the fire.  It was a risk, since you don’t want to change more than half the tank water at any given time, but it was that or have them die from the cold.  I am happy to report that this morning they are all alive and well and happy to have their electricity back!

103_0090The farm animals are all doing well.  Everyone seems anxious to have some of this snow melt so they can run and play.  We humans are feeling that way as well.

Based on the weather I am expecting most of it (except in the shady areas) to melt off by Saturday.  And this moisture is going to be so so very beneficial for our drought situation.

So as we get back to our normal routine with the whirring of electrical appliances singing to us from the background, we will enjoy the beauty and know that warm weather is just around the corner!


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