Homemade Condiments: BBQ Sauce

As my homemade condiment adventure continues, I was lucky enough to hit a home run the first try on the homemade BBQ sauce.  It was by far the easiest and most appreciated condiment I have made thus far.  The family loved it, and I didn’t have to do anything to tweak the recipe.

I found this recipe on a blog and it is SO amazing.  Way better than store-bought.  I didn’t change the recipe at all, so I’m going to send you directly to the source.  Go to The Humble Food Snob Blog to see it.  It is not too spicy, not too bland.  Thumbs up all around.  And like the ketchup I am going to try to can it in the future and see how that goes.  It would be great to make large amounts and have it available in the cabinet whenever we needed it.

So I have now conquered making homemade mayo, ketchup, and BBQ sauce.  I think next I will move on to salad dressings.  Our oil and vinegar type salad dressings don’t have hfcs in them so I don’t need to do anything with them.  What I do need to replace is my french/catalina dressing and my ranch dressing (the ranch doesn’t have hfcs in it either, but I’d like to try homemade).  Does anyone have a great salad dressing recipe for me to try out?  I will start searching and experimenting soon.

Sharing this with Simple Living Wednesdays.

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