Spring is Here…

103_0044 103_0045 103_0046

…in the form of a spring blizzard!

These photos were taken in full daylight, so you can see how dark it is from the storm.

We have about a foot of snow already and it is still coming down hard and expected to keep falling solid through until late Tuesday.  We will probably get at least 3 feet of snow from this storm.  We need this moisture SO much!

We are hunkering down with our fireplaces roaring and coming up with fun indoor activities.  There will be snow ice-cream as a treat and some sledding and snow play.  The animals are all snuggled down, warm, fed, and with thawed water.

7 thoughts on “Spring is Here…

  1. Oh no! Well the moisture will be good, but rain would be acceptable I am sure! How are your seeds doing? You will have to settle for that for awhile more I guess. But Spring WILL come…and you will appreciate it all the more for the wait. Stay safe. Patti


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