Cases for Crochet Hooks and DPNs

As I promised in my post about how to make a knitting needle storage case, I designed and made one for crochet hooks.  But then I decided that my dpns (double-pointed needles – for knitting) were not organized enough, so I made a case that holds 5 of each size of dpns from size 1-9.  Both are very quick and easy – even quicker and easier than the knitting needle case.  So here we go.

Crochet Hook Case:

You will need fabric, 10 inches of coordinating single fold bias tape, and about 16 inches of coordinating ribbon.  You need enough fabric to cut the following pieces (I don’t know exactly how much it ended up being, it was scraps left over after I made the knitting needle cases).  You should be able to get them out of a fat quarter.

  • 2 pieces cut 9.5 in x 9.5 in
  • 1 piece cut 9.5 in x 4.75 in


Next, iron your bias tape out flat, fold in half (long sides together, or as we say around here – hotdog style) and iron, pressing a nice firm fold line into it.  Then, take the 4.75 inch piece of fabric and sew the bias tape to the top 9.5 inch edge, with the rough edge of the bias tape along the edge of the fabric.  Use a 1/4 in seam allowance.

102_9902Fold the tape over, with the seam allowance towards the fabric.  Press, and topstitch.

102_9908Lay your 4.75 inch piece on top of one of the 9.5 inch pieces matching bottoms and sides.  Pin in place.  Starting from the left side make a vertical line using a dissolvable fabric pen along the 4.75 inch piece 1.25 inches from the edge.  Make another line 1 inch from that line, another one 1 inch, and another one 1 inch.  Then make 4 that are each .75 inches from the previous lines, then make 3 that are .5 inches from the previous lines, and the last line should end up .75 inches from the edge of the fabric.


Blue dissolvable fabric pen lines vertically on pocket at spacings of 1.25, 1, 1, 1, .75, .75, .75, .75, .5, .5, .5, .75 inches.

Sew along each line, through both pieces of fabric, backstitching at top of pocket for strength.  Fold ribbon in half and pin to right edge of piece, matching fold to edge of fabric, 3.75 inches up from the bottom of the fabric.

102_9929Place other 9.5 inch piece over pocketed piece, right sides together.  Sew around edges, leaving a 2-3 inch gap for turning, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  I like to taper the top edges of mine to about 2.5 inches down as seen in this photo.

102_9937Turn right side out.  Press.  Topstitch around entire piece, being sure to close off the turning gap.  Press the top down about 2.5 inches and iron.

There you have it!  A convenient way to store crochet hooks.

102_9940 102_9943 102_9944


DPN Case:

The case for the DPNs is exactly the same as the case for the crochet hooks except you make it 11.5 inches tall x 9.5 inches wide (as opposed to 9.5 x 9.5 for the crochet hook case) and the pocket is 6 inches tall (instead of 4.75 for the crochet hook one).  The ribbon is placed higher, right below the top edge of the pocket.  The pocket spacing is exactly the same.  The wider pockets on the left will hold 5 size 9 dpns, and so on across until you are at the smallest pocket on the right which will hold 5 size 1 dpns.


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