Update on Bloat and Shoulder

Last night my husband and I both fell asleep as soon as we got the kids down at about 8:00 and had a good night’s sleep.  Just that in itself is a huge blessing and helps a TON.

My husband had his follow-up visit with another doctor yesterday.  He said that he believes it is a level 1-2 tear of the ac ligament.  He will be in the sling for at least a week.  The doctor says he should feel major improvement by a week.  If he doesn’t then there might be a more serious tear somewhere and we need to follow-up.  If it is what they currently think it is they say he wont be back to work for 2 weeks and at that point it will still be light work and it will take several weeks for him to rehab it and work it back up to full use.  He is still in quite a bit of pain, but is handling it very well.  He can’t take any pain meds, only anti-inflammatory meds, because of adverse reactions he has.

The cow is doing SO MUCH better this morning!  It was very relieving to go in the barn and see her back to normal size.  The bloat has gone down.  She happily ate her breakfast and is acting normal.  I don’t know if it can swing back in the bad direction at this point, but it sure seems like she is out of the woods now and recovering fine.  Praise the Lord!

We are keeping her off grain completely for at least three days.  We are still milking her each morning but are giving it to the calf since she had meds yesterday (he is getting the meds when he nurses anyway).  We wont start keeping milk again for at least three days.  This morning she only gave 1/8th of what she normally gives :-(.  I have no idea how this will affect her supply long-term.  I am hoping we can work her up to at least 75% of what she used to give us.  Time will tell.

We are seriously considering weaning the calf at this point.  He is over 5 months old, he eats hay and drinks water fine, and it might be necessary to give Charlotte’s system what it needs to recover and still give us the milk we need.  We are watching and waiting and will make the decision in the next few days.  We have ordered the parts we need to make an exterior sliding stall door for Charlie’s stall and our cow pen is currently made of move-able metal livestock panels so we can move them around to make two separate pens, one for Charlotte and one for Charlie.

So, how does my husband’s shoulder affect the farm, the garden construction, the pullet pen construction?  Well, we are very blessed to have awesome friends and many have already reached out and offered to help.  And the man who rents a room from us is going to be trading out rent for farm and construction help.  So yesterday, between him and I, we figured out who will do what with chores around the farm while my husband is not able to help.  He will do all the heavy-lifting type stuff and shoveling and wheelbarrow stuff and I will do the rest.

So today, our renter and I will be working on garden construction with my husband giving us instructions.  It is a beautiful day out, so we are hoping for some good progress.  We have 5 weekends left before outdoor planting to get the garden totally built, fenced, and ready.  And with the potential for more snow we are cutting it pretty darn close, especially with the injury.  But we will press on and give it our best!

Now that the exhaustion and initial stress have passed we are feeling much better and we know that everything will be ok and this too shall pass.  We are so blessed to have each other, the children, wonderful friends, this farm, and more.  The list could go on and on.  We are very blessed, even in the hard times.

3 thoughts on “Update on Bloat and Shoulder

  1. wow.life on the farm/ranch…I have been raising horses for nearly 20 years and I know all too well the stress of a colicy horse and I am sure that is the same for your beautiful cow. I too know how to care for them in many of the things that go wrong but like you I have never tubed one….helped many times but not myself. ………..glad all things have settled down and your mom says the same thing mine does…This too shall pass….we are going to put it on her head stone one day. LOL I think you need to get you a Great Pyranese dog….(spelling?) she will take care of those stalkers you get! she will guard your stock, even your chicks, to the death! We were going to get one but decided not to because we have neighbors too close and those dogs need to wander a little.


    • We don’t have space for a wandering dog either. We live on 3 acres. But our farm dog is very protective and was barking up a storm in the barn while the coyotes were around. But a whole pack of coyotes didn’t care much about one dog inside barking.
      Our friends have a pyranese on their farm and he is a huge deterrent to predators, but like you said he needs to wander.


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