Another Escape

Charlie has done it again!  This will be his third escape from his night stall.  And the third time that we haven’t had our morning milk.  The little stinker!  He literally smiles at us when we go into the barn with a grin that says “heeeheee, gotcha again!”  And the added milk mustache completes the look.  This time he actually leaned and wiggled the stall “gate” so much that he bent the carabiner that was holding the latch closed.  Because two of the walls are moveable and temporary, it is possible for him to do that.

So there will be no more waiting to get the other stall ready for him.  My husband is getting it done TODAY.  Every time he breaks out it decreases her milk by about 1/3 and it takes us over a week to get it back up to where it was.

Since we don’t have time to build the hay loft for the hay that is currently stored in the stall he needs, we will be moving all the hay to one side and we will make a temporary wall that goes half-way across the stall.  So the full-sized stall (which is about 11ftx11ft) will be half hay storage and half Charlie’s night stall.

Hopefully this will solve the problem and we wont lose anymore milk to night escapes.

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