Scaly Leg Mites – Ick!

I think our hens and rooster have scaly leg mites.  I noticed today that the youngest hen’s legs had big swollen scales that are lifting up.  Then I checked the other hen and the roo and they look the same.  Sigh.  Luckily, as we have been preparing to combine the hens with the new pullets we have culled down to just two hens and a roo, so treating so few shouldn’t be too bad.

I am definitely not going to do the pullet/hen combining as planned.  It will be put on hold until we are totally certain this has been dealt with.  It would not be good to spread it to 20 more birds.  That would make treating it very time-consuming and frustrating.

So I got online and searched (isn’t that how everything is dealt with these days?) and read a bunch of different ideas for how to deal with them.  I really don’t like the thought of pesticides, though I know that they might be necessary.  But for now we are going to start simple and go with the non-pesticide route.  If that doesn’t work I will have to accept the pesticides.

After reading so many tips and tricks and procedures here is what I have come up with as our plan of attack:

  1. We are going to put vaseline on their legs every 3 days for at least 4 weeks (we will see how much longer we go after we hit the 4 week mark and see what it is looking like).
  2. We are going to oil the roost with vegetable oil every 3 days for at least 4 weeks as well.
  3. At our next opportunity for a nice warm day (we currently have a major storm moving in) we are going to clean out the coop entirely and put fresh bedding in.

Like I said, we will see how it goes and if we need to take more drastic measures we will.  I might go ahead and dust the coop with Sevin when we clean it out, but we haven’t decided yet.

Anyone else dealt with scaly leg mites?  Have any ideas of what worked for you?

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