New Babies!

It is always fun to have new babies born on the farm!

Last night, our doe Arania did an excellent mothering job, yet again, and gave us 8 healthy babies all tucked neatly in the nest box covered with plenty of fur.  It was a fun surprise to find this morning, especially since I had written down the wrong due date so we weren’t expecting them until tomorrow.  She normally goes 31 days, so we give her a nest box at 29 days so she has time to prepare.  We gave her the nest box yesterday afternoon, and then this morning came into the barn to the surprise.


Arania with her beautifully built, cozy nest. She is always so good at building her nests.


Tiny baby bunnies. The pink ovals you see are their ears. Toward the top of the picture is a baby facing right, and the next one down is facing left.

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