Chick Update – Week 6

It is very hard to believe that we already have 6-week-old chicks!  Time flies when you are having fun.

We are now switching to a new plan for our chick update pictures since the pullets have decided they are going to be less-than-helpful with the process.  The pictures will no longer be on the kids’ laps, but instead just loose in the coop.  The one downfall is it is a bit harder to see the size difference without something in the picture to compare it to.

They are definitely starting to look like miniature hens at this point, though obviously not filled out the same.  Only a few have any fuzz left, pretty much all of them are completely feathered out.  We will start with our regular 4, and then I have some more pics to share.


Buff Orp


Easter Egger (Sophie)


Ancona (Daisy/Speckles) – starting to wonder about this one. As a chick she looked EXACTLY like an Ancona chick is supposed to but now, as she is maturing, she is looking like the Black Australorps. Maybe her speckles will turn up later?


Rhode Island Red

  In addition to the four we have been following since the day they arrived, I also took some pictures of the rest of the pullets since I was hanging out in the coop anyway.  I thought I’d share them.  We have quite interesting and individual markings in our 4 Easter Eggers.


Pullet (left) and Cockerel (right) – Cuckoo Maran? Barred Rock? Still undetermined. As you can see, his legs are much pinker and hers more yellow, which would lead me to believe that he is a CM and she is a BR, but I really don’t know.


Buff Orp, Black Australorp, and Rhode Island Red


Bindi – Easter Egger


Cheeky – Easter Egger


Matilda – the one I was hoping was a Partridge Rock when she was a chick, but as she matured it became clear she is an Easter Egger

As you can see below, they are filling up their new coop more and more as they grow and become more comfortable there.  They are using the roosts a bunch as well.  And they are still doing great on the chicken nipple waterers.

102_9652 102_9663

So there is the update from the pullet coop!

3 thoughts on “Chick Update – Week 6

  1. They are so pretty! We will be getting our new chicks the end of the month….We didn’t get new ones last year and our hens have really slowed down. I think some are not laying at all but one of my old red’s is still laying once in awhile. I have two Buff Orps that are like 5 or 6 years old. They are great for going broody if you want to hatch some eggs. One year we didn’t have a rooster so I gathered up some eggs from a friend that did have a rooster and stuck them under one of the buffs and she hatched them. We just don’t know what to do with the old ones that don’t lay much…..chicken food costs money!
    But we love them and they are so fun to watch!


  2. Love the pics! So cute how they reach up to drink from their waterers. A very clever idea!
    The Orpingtons are still my favourites – very pretty colour. Might have to add them to my chicken wish list 😉


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