Chick Update Week 5

Getting our 5-week-old chick pictures was quite a bit more difficult than previous weeks.  Now that they are living in the new coop we were discussing different option for how to do the pictures.  We need to continue the picture-taking because kids are each keeping a binder with the pics of them with their chicks each week for our homeschool bird study in science.  Plus, it is fun to see the progression over the weeks of how they change. So we had to figure out the new plan.  Before, we just set up a chair next to the brooder and put them on their laps.  The chicks stayed pretty still because they were a bit timid and didn’t know where they were or where home was.

This time, with them in the new coop, we decided to take the milk crate that we sit on for milking the cow and put it inside the coop for the kids to sit on.  Then, my husband and the child would go into the coop while the rest of us stood outside and my husband would catch the chick and put it on the child’s lap and I could open the coop door and take the picture.  Seems easy enough, right?  Not so much.

It must have been because the chicks were inside their own territory, so they saw the other chicks and felt more confidant.  Any time there were not hands directly on them they would fly off and join the flock.  So getting a good view of them and their size and feathering was a bit rough.  Most of the pictures involve a lot of hands.  But here they are:


Rhode Island Red


Buff Orpington




Easter Egger

The RIRs and the Buff Orps look about the same, with maybe a little size change.  But the Ancona and the EE are having quite a bit of color change.  Right now the Ancona is looking very similar to the Black Australorps actually.  All 4 EE’s we have are majorly changing color.  We have some really pretty patterns coming out.  I really like them!

We still don’t know if we have 8 Barred Rocks, or if maybe some of the barred pullets are Cuckoo Marans.  I don’t know when we will be able to tell for sure.  I know they have different leg colors as adults, but our pullets are having some leg color changing going on.  Time will tell, I guess.

The Barred Rock (or Cuckoo Maran?) cockerel continues to be the only one that seems to be a cockerel.  Here is this weeks’ picture of him (he WOULD NOT hold still) you can see the huge obvious difference in his comb versus the above pullet pics:


Barred Rock (or Cuckoo Maran?) Cockerel

From what I have read, BRs have more significant and obvious barring (straight lines across the feathers), and yellow legs.  Whereas CMs have more speckled barring and pink or white legs.  But apparently hatchery chicks can have messed up leg colors in these breeds so you can’t tell for sure by legs.  Plus, look at the cockerel’s legs above, that is how most of the barred pullets legs look too.  Also, hatchery birds can have cuckoo type barring in Barred Rocks.  So I think we wont know for sure until they start laying and we will see if we get chocolate-brown eggs.

2 thoughts on “Chick Update Week 5

  1. I have a Barred Plymouth Rock and her legs/feet are yellow with gray on the front of the leg and on the toes. Her legs look a bit more yellow than the ones in your picture, but that could be the light. Love your pics…my girls are full grown now but I loved that awkward “dinosaur like” phase. Patti


  2. The easter egger chick is such a pretty colour, lovely patterns going on there. I still think my favourite is the honey coloured buff Orpington though!
    Now I wish we had taken some weekly shots of our chicks growing up, its so interesting to watch – oh well, next time! 🙂


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