Simple Scrap Quilt

Several years ago, when my grandmother could no longer sew and quilt, she gave me her sewing machine and all of her supplies and accessories.  There was so much stuff that I couldn’t handle going through it all at once so I put a bunch in storage.  Then, last winter, I was going through some of the stuff and found 2 shoe boxes full of already cut 5 inch squares.  Not one of them was the same, every single one was out of a different fabric.  My grandmother had participated in many, many, many scrap square swaps at quilting clubs over the years and had collected all these scrap squares.

I couldn’t believe how many there were.  And I couldn’t imagine what I would do with all of them.  After a few days of contemplating this new find, I decided I would make each of my children a quilt for their bed with the scraps.  I wanted to make the girls’ quilts coordinate but not match exactly (it would be impossible to match anyway with the different scraps), and same for the boys.  It would be special for them to have quilts that came both from me and from my grandmother.

Before I go any further I must admit that I am not a great quilter by any means whatsoever.  I quilt because it makes me happy and it is fun.  My quilts are made with love for the people I love.  They would never even be able to grace the doorstep of a competition or anything like that.  But I love them, and my family loves getting them, and that is why I do it.

So I made up two very simple patterns, one for the boys and one for the girls.  Then I divided up the scraps into piles, giving the girls all the pinks, peaches, reds, purples, etc and giving the boys all the blues, browns, greens, and greys.

Last spring I finished the first two quilts, one for my oldest son and one for my oldest daughter.  My grandma kept up with my progress and was very happy about how the scraps were being used.  I then started the second two quilts and finished their tops, and began quilting one, but was unable to keep going due to the move to the new farm.  They’ve been on a shelf ever since.

Monday, as I was mourning the loss of my dear grandmother, I felt a strong need to work in the sewing room.  I wanted to “spend some time” with my grandma at the sewing machine, even though it would be taking place in my heart, not in real life.  So I pulled out the third quilt and spent the afternoon and evening working on it.  I finished it!

My daughter was so excited to get to sleep under her quilt, getting a quilt hug from both her mom and her great-grandmother.  Now I just have one left, for my youngest son.  I can’t wait to get the fabric I need and get it finished as well.


This is the first one I made last spring for my oldest son.


The second one I made last spring for my oldest daughter.


The one I just finished for my youngest daughter.

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