Chick Update Week 4

The chicks are growing and changing color more and more.  Here are this week’s pictures, the pullets were not wanting to stand still so I apologize for them being a bit off focus.


Rhode Island Red




Easter Egger


Buff Orpington

I am pretty sure that the one I was hoping was maybe a Partridge Rock is actually another Easter Egger.  So at this point it is looking like we got 1 Ancona, 3 Buff Orpingtons, 4 Easter Eggers, 4 Black Australorps, 7 Rhode Island Reds, and 8 Barred Rocks (still wondering if any of these are Cuckoo Marans – keeping our fingers crossed).

I definitely enjoy the mystery of an assortment pack.  🙂

One thought on “Chick Update Week 4

  1. That buff Orpington is such a beautiful colour! (Like I need any encouragement to add more breeds to the chicken wish list!) What a great way to discover new chicken breeds – after all, you don’t know if you’re going to like a breed until after you’ve owned some. Chicken lucky dip!


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