Around the Farm

We had a nice, relaxed Sunday at the farm.  The weather was very nice for this time of year, sunny and about 50 degrees.  Hubby worked on the new coop, the kids played in the yard and helped work on the backyard fencing, and the animals lolled about enjoying the sunshine.


Jerry, one of the barn cats, enjoying the sun and the doghouse.

I noticed that Charlie’s color continues to change and darken.  He is looking very much like his mama now.  Their face markings are almost identical with the orange coloring on top of the head, black on the face, and then white around the nose.


Charlotte and Charlie

We butchered the latest round of 10 rabbits.  So we have a freezer stocked with meat, which is always a blessing.

Arania has already been re-bred and is expecting her kits in about 3 weeks.  And Little Miss Fuzz Tail is reaching maturity so we will be attempting to breed her this week.  We will see if she takes.

Little Miss Fuzz Tail

Little Miss Fuzz Tail

What a pleasant, and productive day!

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