Remodeled Rabbitry

We have finished the remodel of our rabbitry!  I love the results.  It takes up less space, is warmer for the rabbits, and is much easier to clean.

We originally had them in stacked cages:

102_8626The major problem with these cages was that my husband was the only one who could handle cleaning them.  The metal trays are about 36×30 and when full of shavings and the pee and poo they are way too heavy and awkward for me or my son to handle.  So we started looking for another way to do it.  We found this idea at 24 Carrot Rabbitry blog.

Here is the new rabbitry:

102_9319The cages are wall mounted three across in two rows.  Under the cages is a slanted metal-covered shelf that runs into a gutter.  So the pee and poo goes down the shelf and into the gutter.  The gutter runs down to a big garbage bin (top row), and a shallow plastic dish (bottom row). 102_9320Each day we take a squeegee and run it down all the shelves, pulling down extra poo and hay that is stuck.  Then we put on a rubber glove and run our hand down the gutter, again pulling anything that is stuck or blocking it up down the gutter and into the container.

It is so easy to manage and I am very glad for the new set-up!

The one downfall is that on the very very cold days everything is freezing to the metal and we can’t clean it until it thaws.  But that has been rare.

By the way, the reason it is red is because it was leftover materials from a job site.  I don’t mind the color as much as I thought I would.  It actually kind of brightens up that area.

We really like to build things with free materials when we can.  And with my husband working in construction it has been amazing what we are able to get leftover from job sites – materials that are otherwise headed for the dumpster.  In my old house I had a granite tile bathroom counter because someone told him they didn’t want to return the 8 tiles that were leftover to the store for a refund.  They just said to just throw 8, 12-inch GRANITE TILES away!  It was crazy.  So he asked if he could keep them, and they said yes, and my bathroom was beautiful.

I can’t wait to show you the new chicken coop when it is finished – my husband is building it almost completely from free materials!

3 thoughts on “Remodeled Rabbitry

  1. I love your setup! Approximately how steep is the angle of the slanted shelves? They seem pretty steep, which results in the top row of cages being high. I’d like to recreate the setup for my grandson and his 4H rabbits but I need all the rabbits accessible to him. I’m concerned if I reduce the angle too much it won’t be as effective for the pee and poo run off.


    • It does have to be very steep for it to work properly, which does put your upper row high up. We had a sturdy step ladder/step stool for the kids to climb on for feeding and watering duties. They still needed help to reach a rabbit in the back of the cage to get it out. But it really beats them trying to clean the big 30×36 trays.


  2. This, for the most part is exactly what I had set up with my rabbits, and the shelf for the wastes run iff had a 3 inch incline. At 3 inches of drop off my system worked bery well, but I still would increase my drop when I build my new system, because at three inches I would experience that of a little waste that wouldn’t roll off . . . This was a small amount (very small) but I still promised myself that my next build would be with a increased drop that would make for even more effectiveness with it’s function. That said, allow me to commend your build. Beautiful Job.

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