Homemade Cottage Cheese

I have tried out a few different cottage cheese recipes.  Some are very complicated, others are very simple.  None of them end up exactly the same texture as store-bought.  But we have found one we like, and it is a more simple one.  Here’s how I do it:

Pour skimmed raw milk into a pot.  I will use 1 gal for this example, but it is easy to double, triple, cut in half, the recipe.  Heat over med-low heat until it reaches 140-150 degrees.  Pour in 1/2 cup of white vinegar, stirring constantly, and removing from the heat.


The curds will begin to separate, but they are hot so they are a lot like melted cheese.


Once the curds are separated they should be in a big clump and the whey should be very yellow. Sometimes I add a little bit more vinegar if my whey isn’t very yellow like this picture.

Pour it into a strainer and let it sit and cool.

102_9300Break (or cut) it up into small chunks.

102_9301Add a little salt, and some cream, both to taste.

My kids’ favorite way to eat cottage cheese is with my home-canned honey peaches mixed in.

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