How to Make Butter with a Mixer

I love making butter from our fresh cream!  It is fun and also very satisfying to make something from the milk that came right from our own cow.

There are many different methods for making butter.  We have tried two different methods so far.  We put some in a quart jar and shook it, and shook it, and shook it until it became butter (probably for 30 minutes or so).  That was fun, but the fun would rub off quickly if that was how we did it every time we needed butter.  So the main way that I make butter is with my mixer. Mine happens to be a Bosch, but any mixer should work.

First I let the cream sit out for a while.  I don’t usually let it get all the way to room temperature, I just let it warm up a bit from the cold refrigerator temperature.  I pour it in the mixer and use the whisk attachments.

Then I turn it on to level two and just sit back and relax and wait for it to turn into butter.  It usually takes about 5-7 minutes or so.  First it gets frothy.  Then it thickens into whipped cream stage.  Then the thickness begins to turn into very little clumps that gather on the side.  Here is a picture of that stage:  Then suddenly it gets very “watery” as the buttermilk separates out and it sloshes up and all the clumps are gone from the sides.  That is when it is done.

Next, I use a spatula to scrape all the butter off the edges and bottom and consolidate it into one mass.  You could also use a clean hand to do this.

Then I pour off the buttermilk, being careful not to pour out the butter itself.At this point there are two options – rinse the butter or don’t rinse the butter.  I’ve done both.  At first I always rinsed it because that is what I had read to do.  Rinsing it means to run cold water over it and pour off the water several times while you are kneading/pressing the butter.  But then once I didn’t rinse it, and we didn’t notice any difference in the taste, texture, or how long it kept.  So I haven’t been rinsing it anymore.

Next I knead/press the butter with my spatula (can also be done with clean hands) until I have squeezed out as much buttermilk as I can.  I start by doing it over the bowl or cup that I put the buttermilk in so I can catch the majority of what squeezes out.  But then I move over to the sink because towards the end it is just a few drops here and there.

And then it’s done!  Delicious, fresh, homemade butter and buttermilk!

Yesterday that buttermilk went straight into some buttermilk pancakes we had for dinner.  They were delicious!

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