The Rabbits are Here!

Our rabbits have arrived!  We have been eagerly awaiting this day since the end of July, knowing they would be coming but not knowing exactly when.

When we began our first rabbitry, in 2008, we went down to our county fair and started talking to the 4H kids raising meat rabbits trying to learn more information and find a breeder to buy from.  We met two sweet girls, sisters, who raised rabbits for 4H.  They sold us our first rabbits and over the years we have kept our relationship with them and had several rabbits go back and forth between our rabbitry and theirs.

Once we got settled at the new farm we decided we were ready to get going with rabbits again so we called them.  They were very happy to provide us with our starter stock.  They raise Champagne D’ Argents and Palaminos.  They told us that they had two 5 month-old Champagne does and a 3-month-old Palamino buck for us.  Since we raise our rabbits solely for meat we always crossbreed them for hybrid vigor.  We have only very rarely ever purebred them.

Since the buck is too young to breed yet, the girls’ offered to breed the does the day before we came so we could get the rabbitry going right away.  They are such sweeties!  I have no idea if they purbred them or crossbred them, I forgot to ask.  We will find out in about 4 weeks I guess!

So here are our rabbits:

Homer – Palamino Buck

Arania – Champagne Doe

Fern – Champagne Doe

So far it has been hard to determine their personalities.  We have only had them a couple days, and we have been keeping our distance, allowing them to settle down from their traveling stress.  We have also kept our distance because we have upper respiratory illness going through our family and I’ve heard that some of those illnesses can be transfered to rabbits so we aren’t wanting to risk it.  But so far it seems that Homer is very curious, Arania is very laid-back, and Fern is somewhat skittish.

They are currently living in a triple stack cage set-up in the corner of the barn.  These are the cages we have had for years.  They are Bass and are 36X24 or something close to that.  They were purchased years ago and aren’t the same as some of the newer Bass cages I have seen.

This set-up is temporary, as we are planning to build them a set-up with a slanted tray underneath and gutters.

We are looking forward to getting to know them more over the coming weeks, and come the beginning of October we are hoping to have two litters of kits!


3 thoughts on “The Rabbits are Here!

  1. I’ve heard it’s unwise to name one’s rabbits before killing them as meat you are planning on eating yourself. Unless you are merely killing their offspring, and they will retire to old age as long-time breeders of your dinners?

    O, be some other name!
    What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet;

    A rabbit a day keeps the doctor away.


  2. I had rabbit breeding dreams for that day when we moved to the country. We finally moved to a place with a yard and our neighbors have 4H rabbits. I was so excited. I got to within four feet of the rabbit hutch and had a full on allergy attack. Cats and dogs make me sniffle but it’s manageable, apparently rabbits are a whole lot worse. I’m going to take some Claritin and try letting their dogs out and looking after the rabbits when they go on vacation. Hopefully my dreams only need a little over the counter help.


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