In this moment I realized…

I slipped my feet into the big black rubber boots as I steadied myself on the doorknob to the back door.  As I opened the door the cool, crisp, morning air hit me in the face.  It felt wonderful!  A mix of smells mingled together in the delicious air; dampness, green plants, and a touch of barnyard.  Carrying the stainless steel bucket I strode down the path toward our barn in the early morning sun.  All was quiet at this early morning hour.  Only the birds made their songs announcing the day.  As I approached the barn I heard the cow low gently, she had heard me coming.  I stopped for a second on the path. I soaked in the moment fully, not letting it pass unnoticed like so many moments in life.  In this moment I realized that it really was true…my dream had come true…I was living the life I had always hoped for, here on Willow Creek Farm.

One thought on “In this moment I realized…

  1. It sounds like you have the ‘perfect’ place! Just a short growing season, though. I hope to be milking dairy goats this Spring! It will be my first attempt at milking! Thanks for sharing your beautiful part of the country! Blessings from Bama!


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